Day 1

Weight: 281.8

Body Fat: 50.4%


20 mins Elliptical

Bench Press 45 lb x 10, 55 lb x 10, 65 lb x 10

Dumbbell Bench Press 25 lb x 10, 30 lb x 10, 30 lb x 10

Incline DB Bench Press 20 lb x 10, 25 lb x 10, 30 lb x 9

DB Fly 12 lb x 10, 15 lb x 10, 15 lb x 10

Meal and Window: 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM

3 Breaded Parmesan Pork Chops (thin sliced)

Green Beans, Ranch, Parmesan Cheese, Butter and Croutons

Baked Potato with Butter

Whey Protein Shake with Vanilla Almond Milk

Don’t I look so attractive and happy!  So, this is me, Katie.  Nice to meet you all!  I’ve done this yo-yo dieting in the past and I’ve ranged anywhere from 188 to 315 lbs.  I’m trying intermittent fasting and seeing how it goes.  At the moment, I need to get healthy and I want to get fit.  Plus wearing nice clothing or going shopping without concerns about fit.

Today wasn’t too difficult.  I’m not a big breakfast eater and I work with kids so by the time I get home, it’s the perfect time to open my window.  I was pretty proud of myself because I had brought an apple with me for after my workout but it was 9:35 when I finished and I stopped myself from eating it.  I picked intermittent fasting (5 hr window) because I love big meals and this allows me to have one giant meal and fill myself up.

Question for you: Are you on the journey too?  Why do you want to lose weight?


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